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After doing some archaeological work on the internet, I finally found a digital copy of The Story of Civilization, by Will Durant and his wife Ariel Durant.

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It’s a series of remarkable books attempting to put into words the whole history of humanity. The volumes written are:

Ranging from the paleolithic until the end of the napoleonic era.

The source of the attached package of books is this CD I found in archive.org, that is incompatible with modern operative systems. Since it was the only source I found, I decided to convert the full content of the books plain TXT, PDF and MOBI files for better compatibility with Kindle and other e-readers.

I truly hope I can finish them all in no more than five years and someday I’d like to have them all in the physical version. Meanwhile,

here is the link to download all the 11 volumes:


With password: !42301xYIwRxzXKj8Ive2aZ1DaIfl3EPdEoIcYD9Snwg

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